Writing Intervention

Professor McCormack                                                                                                Joseph Bailey

English 201


I honestly do not feel that my writing has dramatically changed this summer. I think learning about rhetoric has helped to improve my literacy in the way that I look deeper than I did when it comes to reading anything. As far as writing goes, when I write academically, I now make sure that my ethos, pathos, and logos is always there. I always want to make sure that I have all the facts and reasoning to back up my argument, coupled with the passion and credibility for an audience to be persuaded by my view points. Ethos, pathos, and logos really stuck out to me because that is how you can persuade something to do anything you ask. If you put enough drive into your arguments, and the right facts, it may not mean much that you do not have much ethos because the other two will add density to your ethos. I’m glad I could grasp the concept of rhetoric. As I go into my next semester I’m going to use it in all my writing, and I know my writing will progressively get better while practicing the different rhetorical techniques. My first sociology report was very lacking, but the revised version, was more informative and intact because I had to go back and use rhetorical analysis to fix the inaccurate parts of the paper. All in all, there was no dramatic increase, but I know as I keep practicing, I will produce better papers.


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