Final: Rhetorical Analysis of Who is Right

Professor McCormack                                                                                                Joseph Bailey

English 201

Rhetorical Analysis

Who is Right?
Language and its diversity yet we are one

too many scream untrue and wish you to be done.

fingers pointing

lyrical jabs throwing

jolting the jilted

raised up and lifted

prim and so proper

smart but know nada

intelligent but thoughts are gifted

special needs especially

Blessed be the me’s

who speak intellectually

pig latin blasphemously

English is old

too cold

behold we hold

the bowl of bold

and eat mercilessly as they scold


This is a poem I wrote which touches on the subject of language, its diversity, and who’s language is right or wrong. This is a creative writing piece being that it is a poem, and it is aimed at all people who say there is only one correct way to speak English. My stance is that, there are many different types of English, and all of them are used, in America, for people from all different types of backgrounds to effectively communicate with each other. I mentioned in another piece of academic writing that all who speak more than one type of English is multilingual. The multilingualism in and of itself actually works to bring people together. Why? For the simple fact that people tend to unite under commonality. Now no one is ashamed of their accent. No one is looking down on another person because they are both speaking fluent Spanglish. No one is judging because everyone in the group is speaking Black English. My purpose for writing this poem was to make people see that when it comes to English, no one is correct about how correct or incorrect someone else’s form of English is because there are so many different types of English. This is why I say, “Language and its diversity yet we are one, too many scream untrue and wish you to be done.” I use English as my prime example because English is the language that I speak, and I speak at least 3 different forms of English according to the data of my 24 hour language study. The poem is written using Microsoft word, designed in times new roman face and a 12 point font. This is standard for all academic work, but even though this was a creative writing piece, the design still gives a sense of professionalism.


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