The Limp Cigarette


Ethos, pathos, and logos are modes of persuasion. This I sapplied to ads to either make people by the product, or to adhere to what the ad is saying. For instance, take this smoking add. The ad shows a limp cigarette, which in in actuality represents a penis which cannot become erect. Among with the visual content, the message says “smoking can affect your sex life.” So in this add what are the ethos, pathos, and logos, and how are they used to persuade the audience to go along with the ad.

Ethos: This is the credibility of the presenter.

Pathos: Appeal to the emotions of the audience.

Logos: Logical appeal. Can be visual aide. This can improve your ethos. This can be your visually informative presentation.

Purpose: to get people to quit smoking, especially males.

Audience: the smoking population, but geared more towards males.

Stance: tobacco ad showing possible effects of smoking on a males genitalia, most particularly the sexual side effect.

Genre: Tobacco print add

Media: Possible television or internet or billboard ad.

The ethos in this ad are a bit sketchy because a person may want to know where this information came from. Since there is nothing that says who the ad is from, the credibility of the ad may be questioned. The pathos in this ad is good. The fact that the cigarette is limp will definitely get the attention and lay with the emotions of male smokers. It can easily make a man think twice after seeing this ad, before picking up his next cigarette. The logos will be the cigarette itself. The visual stimuli backing the essage that smoking has sexual side effects.


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