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Use your mind not your hands



Use your mind not your hands

Professor McCormack Joseph Bailey
English 201

In this photo we see an animated picture of a man, dressed as a soldier. He has his hands partially in his pants, and because of the caption, one can assume that he is scratching himself. We also see a tank in the background which has just fired a large obtrusive missile in the immediate direction of the soldier. The caption, use your mind not your hands is slapped in the left hand corner, like a quiet reminder. The missile is halfway over the gate, and it looks as if it is about to hit the soldier in the head. The sky is blue and it is sunny. The advertisement is an advertisement for itch guard.

Class Work English 201

What have I learned so far about rhetorical context?
I have learned that if you do not know how to read properly you will get bamboozled. That happens to be a word made by Malcolm X. in order to properly analyze rhetorical situations, you will need to answer five questions.
1) What is the purpose?
2) who is the intended audience?
3) what is the stance that is being taken?
4) what is the genre?
5) what type of media is it, design, and what is it’s form?

When you answer these questions, you will understand better what you have analyzed.